Below are statements from parents of children who attended our preschool program. If you would like to contact them, please call the preschool for their numbers. Each of these parents would be willing to talk to you and answer any questions from a parental perspective.

I am writing to demonstrate my appreciation for the Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool. I have had all three of my children attend this preschool starting with my oldest son in 2010. From the first day of orientation, I knew this was the perfect school for my child. Melissa Stark and Laurie Draear are absolutely amazing with the children! The weekly activities really supported not only getting my son ready for kindergarten, but created a playful atmosphere for the kids. I loved being able to be a snack mom and such an integral part of easing my child into the school setting. The program was structured to helping the children learn, but centered around fun! I really loved Mrs. Stark’s approach to making sure our kids had the very important element of play every day in class.

When it came to making a decision for my second and third child, I did not hesitate. I knew that my first was well prepared for kindergarten as a result of this preschool and had mastered, to the best of his abilities, the expectations necessary for advancement. The crafts in class were excellent for their development, but were wonderful to display in my home. In fact, I had a few that are now put up as tradition in our home during specific holidays. I could not wait when my third child completed them so I could add them to my collection. Additionally, there were traditional plays at the school that I knew Mrs. Stark felt passionate about and she absolutely put her heart into having our children involved in them. Finally, the field trips were also great choices and extremely age appropriate for preschoolers. I looked forward to each of them with my second and third child.

As a bonus, not only did my children thrive at Fellowship Wesleyan, but I did as a mother as well. I was exposed to such great families and have friendships with the women that I met to this day. In fact, my kids are close friends with many of their classmates even though they did not end up attending the same school districts. There was absolutely an overall feeling of family and support at this preschool.

Finally, with Preschool being not only the first step in a child’s educational experience, but such an important one, I am confident that I made the right one all three times. I always felt and still feel extremely comfortable with my children at Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool. Melissa and Laurie certainly did create a warm and caring environment for my children. I would recommend it to any parent considering preschools!

The Hibberts

Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool has been a wonderful experience for both of my children.  The teachers are very caring and upbeat.  They do a great job of creating a positive and fun learning environment!  My kids are always excited to go to school, and share what they’ve learned each day.  I highly recommend this program.

Julia H.

Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool is a bright, clean, happy, safe, and fun environment for preschoolers to learn. The teachers are warm, inviting and create a wonderful atmosphere for children to grow academically and socially. My daughter, Sarah, loved her time at Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool and it really prepared her for kindergarten.

Lisa LePosa

We loved the preschool program at Fellowship Wesleyan.  Our kids were fully prepared for Kindergarten, and they truly enjoyed going to preschool here.  The program is very well rounded and they cover many topics- they learned so many things and the field trips enhanced what they learned.  I especially loved that it was only three days a week, the program is play-based, and they got to go outside when the weather allowed.  The teachers cared about the students and it showed.  It was fun to be able to be in the classroom as a snack parent, and to get to know other parents from the program as well.  I would highly recommend FWP to anyone who is looking for a well rounded, play-based program for their child.

Lisa W.